How to Keep Him Sexually Attracted

beautiful-bed-bedroom Walid Riachy-1450155.jpg

Do you want your man to stay interested and sexually attracted to you and you alone?

There are some keys to that.

  1. Don’t get too comfortable. 

Remember, when you just started dating him: the hours you spent in front of the mirror, getting ready and asking your girlfriends what to wear for a date?  In a long relationship with the same man, don’t get too comfortable and never stop taking care of yourself. Don’t forget to put your make up on, do your hair, put some amazing perfume on, dress up as a lady and stay sexy!

2. Diverse your intimate life with him.

Routine is boring! We all know it. Same location for sex, same positions, same outfits… Surprise your man with an unexpected intimate sensual oil massage, sexy outfit, or a special make up.  Dance a strip dance for him (a list of potential tracks can be found here TRACKS FOR STRIP DANCE). Send him your sexy picture when he is at work. Sure, he will appreciate some break;)

3. Take care of your body.

When we start dating and feeling all excited, we go to the gym, and trying to get ourselves in shape. We change our diet and become healthy. Stay this way! Stay healthy, go jogging in the morning. Spend time for yourself: take care of your nails, your hair, your body. The healthier you are, the more attractive you are for men, including your partner. And if he sees you being attractive for other men, he will become even more attracted to you. 


Good Luck!



*photo credit to Walid Riachy

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