Walk Away

Respect yourself enough to walk away from

anything that no longer serves you,

grows you, or makes you happy.

— Robert Tew

Our lives are given to us to walk through them happily, enjoying every single moment. People that surround us play a big role in shaping who we are, so it is important to chose wisely, who we surround ourselves by. 

Sadly, on our life path, we meet people that try to prevent us from growth and happiness. They treat us disrespectfully, try to put us down, hurt us, make us feel bad about ourselves, and undermine our self-confidence and self-esteem. There are people, who play a lot of mind games, disrespecting our time and effort. 

My answer to this, if you cannot fix it, walk away. Don’t stay near toxic people, and avoid those who make you feel unhappy and uncomfortable. 

When someone is unhappy about what you are doing; or someone is not acting according to your expectations:

1.You can try to fix it

…talk to them and listen to what they say. As long as they are respectful towards you (they don’t raise their voice on you and they choose their words carefully) and are willing to work on a solution to any problem or misunderstanding, you can stay and try to respond to them with your actions, and both of you can compromise and find a solution together. 

If you succeed, good for you! 

2. Walk away

…end the story.

Unfortunately, some people are incapable of hearing you. Their goal is to win the argument by any means, because they are too weak to admit that they can be wrong too. In that case, you cannot do anything: you cannot control their actions or their words and thoughts. You cannot achieve compromise with them. Walk away. Don’t waste your breath arguing with them, or your effort to fix something in them or yourself. Even more importantly, don’t bend and apologize for things you are not responsible for or unable to control-respect yourself, and learn to stand your ground. Those people always will blame anyone but themselves. You’ll see that their arguments are all over the place and irrelevant to your problem, and don’t worth to be responded to.

There also will be people, who agree with you, but continue acting the same way they were previously. They don’t argue with you, but they ignore your requests and words… People that don’t respect you or your time, people that lie, flake, ghost, cheat or fight with reason and without, those who are simply inadequate… 

You will always know who you should not tolerate and surround yourselves by, by listening to your gut feeling. Any red flags shouldn’t be ignored. Always listen to yourself  about the way you feel around someone. You feel scared, anxious, uncomfortable, insecure…-those are good indicators that you should walk away. 

Surrounding yourself by this kind of people and getting hooked by their games will slow you down towards your success and happiness. Respect yourself enough to walk away from them. Don’t think that you can’t. There are always ways to do so. They might be out of your comfort zone, but eventually, you will be grateful to yourself for making a right choice. Don’t be scared to loose them. Be grateful to get rid of them.  

Thanks for reading! Hopefully, there will be more positive, encouraging, supportive people in your life, and those who believe in you! 


*(photo credit to Rifqi Ramadgan)


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