Never Chase a Man.


I’ve learned this very important concept: “Always judge a man by the way he treats YOU, and not by who he is, or how much money he makes” (M.Rosenfeld). If he doesn’t call you, doesn’t ask you how was your day, and doesn’t reciprocate on your actions towards him, he doesn’t care as much about you. With that said, I would like to remind you one little thing that we women all probably know, but often times forget!

Never Chase a Man that Doesn’t Chase YOU

1. A guy that is interested in you,will always find time to call or text you

Even if he didn’t,later he will explain why. If he doesn’t do that, it means either he has another woman, or he is not that into you. In either case, you don’t want to be that kind of annoying woman, which he has to block on his phone or dating web site.

2. He is not shy

Often times we assume that a man we like is too shy to do a first step,so we always call and text him first. It’s ok to approach once, and may be twice. Don’t expect your man to do everything while you are being a princess. However, after ONE of your first steps, he should gain his courage and start doing steps towards you, if he is shy indeed, but interested in you. If he continues acting “shy”, forget about him, he is simply not interested.

3. Women and men react differently on chasing

When a man chases a woman, often times, she becomes interested in him, even though she was not before. For the most cases, men, however, don’t work this way. The more you chase them, the less interested they become.

4. Don’t lose your self-esteem.

When we chase him without his reciprocation,we look miserable and desperate. Even if he was interested,he will not be anymore if you act like you don’t value yourself, and don’t have other options. In addition, when he treats you badly, but you on the other hand, chase him anyway, he will not have to do any work or apply any effort to gain your interest and respect. He already got you, without any effort. So he will just continue treating you like an unimportant, but convenient object in his life. A woman that loves herself, will never let a man treat her badly.

5. Don’t analyze/don’t overthink

When a man doesn’t reply to your messages,he might have a hundred million of reasons not to do so. We tend to analyze our words, and overthink. And then we want to fix what we think we’ve done wrong. In that case, I always remember this golden rule that helps me to relax and stop overthinking:”A small mistake is often made worse and more visible when you try to fix it. It is sometimes best to leave things alone. If there is something you want, but cannot have, show contempt for it. The less interest you reveal, the more superior you seem” (48 Laws of Power, Robert Greene). If it wasn’t something like “stop texting me”, than you probably haven’t done anything wrong. And even if you did, the person who cares, will not just disappear. Think of the way you acted in that case, if you’d care a lot about a man.

Most of the men will EVENTUALLY contact you again anyway,especially,if you didn’t chase them. But think twice,whether you need a man who doesn’t treat you as a valuable human being in his life and as a priority? Do you need a man who ghosts and doesn’t care about how you have been all this time,and doesn’t apologize for disappearing?

Look at a man’s actions,not at how handsome or rich he is. And then you will lose a necessity to chase a man,which doesn’t treat you as the best,the most worthy woman in the world,which you definitely are!

Value yourself!



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