How to Ask Him for a Favour? we want something from our man, it can be challenging to ask in the right way, so he responds to our request in our favour. In this post, I’ll share with you some tips about the ways of asking your man for a fovour, so he says “YES”!

1. Never demand.

Your man doesn’t owe you anything. When you demand, you disrespect him.Nobody likes that,and will hardly be excited to do anything for you. With that said, when making a request,ask politely.

2.Ask one thing at a time

When you ask for one or two things at a time (one is better), you don’t overwhelm your partner with too many requests. When you ask too many at once,he can simply forget them,or decide,that you want too much.

3. Try to ask when he is happy

Make your requests when he rested, ate,slept well. Cook a dinner for him,make a massage,depending on what he likes and how big and important your request is.Try not to ask him about anything or for anything,when he just came tired from work,or when he is angry. Let him relax and get over the day.

4.Give him time to think about it.

Try not to demand the answer right away. When a man has time to think, he might make a more favourable for you decision. Even if not, giving him time,you don’t pressure and don’t stress him out,and he will respect that.

5. Remind him

In some time,remind him again about your request. Don’t assume that he remembers everything. There is already probably enough thoughts and responsibilities in his head. Just politely remind him later about what you’ve asked for.

These are the tips that I wanted to share with you today.

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